2DS On The Way

     Outside of the Street Fighter franchise, you may find it difficult to recall any company that releases so many iterations of a single product. Keeping in step with the tradition, Nintendo will be releasing the 2DS . . . yes 2DS, October 12th alongside the launch of Pokemon X/Y. According to Kotaku’s interview with Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, the 2DS will have all the capabilities of the 3DS (compatible with 3DS/DS games, pictures and video can still be taken in 3D), but it simply will not have an option to render games in 3D.

     The other interesting twist on this new design is the fact that the system does not fold. The 2DS’ “slate” design means that all buttons and both screens will be exposed at all times unless placed in a carrying case which Nintendo will be conveniently selling for $12.99.

     To be realistic, most people completely ignore the 3D feature on their 3DS anyway, so this is not such a bad move for late adopters of the system or those who bypassed it because they refused to pay extra for technology they never intended to use. The only issue I see here is Mr. Fils-Aime’s statement, “This is an entry-level handheld gaming system.” At $129.99 ($40 cheaper than the 3DS and $70 cheaper than the 3DS XL and PS Vita) one would think this will be geared towards kids this holiday season, however, with the screen and buttons being exposed to every dropped, spill and other disastrous common accidents, having a system that does not fold could become an issue sooner rather than later. Not that it needs more than a Nintendo seal on it to sell, but I find it hard to really see a spike in sales for this 3DS “turbo/arcade edition.” But hey, I have been wrong before and if anyone can see to it that I am wrong again, it would be Nintendo.

~the Ace of Spades