Featured Image Mario Maker

Mario Maker Hands Players the Keys to the Mushroom Kingdom

Ever since my early days of squawking at my cousin Axl to let me play Super Mario Bros 3 during his summer visits, I’ve wanted to make my own Mario levels. I even drew out a few during those humid months, using crayons, markers, anything I could get my hands on. The toys in my room […]


King of Fighters 14 Announced for PS4!

SNK Playmore announced at the Sony’s Tokyo Games press conference earlier this week that King of Fighters, a 21-year-old fighting game franchise, will return as a PlayStation 4 exclusive next year with King of Fighters XIV. This came as a surprise since the last KOF game was released in 2010 in arcades and in 2011 […]


The Smartest Shows in Gaming

While it may seem common for us Giga Geeks to see gaming as a medium that deserves a gargantuan amount of praise, the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily see that. Like literature and film, video games deserve to be preserved for further study to prevent the same mistakes, making the video game a continued […]


Remake Fever in the Gaming Industry

Nostalgia is a powerful force, so much so that designers often revisit past projects to bring experiences to a new generations of players, often with better technology than the original development. The concept of a remake is nothing new to game development, but what makes an exceptional example of such? To find out, I’ll be […]


But I Digress… Episode 31: A Review of ‘Fantastic Four’ (2015)

In case you didn’t see this in my updated Terminator: Genisys review, writing for GigaGeek Magazine is just one of the many hats I wear (one of which I plan to be Indiana Jones’ Stetson, but I digress). See what I did there? An obvious but clever segue! I also run my own YouTube channel where I […]