Final Fantasy Summon Origins: Cú Chulainn

One of the most grotesquely fascinating monsters of Final Fantasy Tactics is Cuchulainn. He appears as the first major challenge in the game as the Scorpio Lucavi of the Zodiac. He later appeared in Final Fantasy XII as an Esper that wasn’t necessary for the game’s completion. In both games, his form is that of […]

Amber and Clay

Old Fashioned (2014) Review

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air, and if you were looking for a not so conventional love story then Old Fashioned may just be the film you need. Old Fashioned tells the story of a romance between a solitary man, Clay (Rik Swartzwelder), a woman with a passion for life, […]


The Many Versions of Final Fantasy IV

Square Enix has made some excellent games. Some of the greatest RPGs of our time have come from this Japanese developer. Over the years, the classic Final Fantasy games have received multiple remakes. None have more variety than Final Fantasy IV.

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Jupiter Descending into a Beautiful Tapestry of Crazy Ideas

After a six-month delay, the Wachowskis’ latest science fiction epic has hit theatres. Was it worth the wait? That depends on your suspension of disbelief. A young woman (Mila Kunis) learns she is a member of an intergalactic royal family and has been targeted for assassination; however, a disgraced alien soldier (Channing Tatum) is determined […]


Giga’s Community Game Night and Giveaway!

We are finally hosting our first Community Game Night on PC: Wednesday, February 18 from 8-10 pm EST! @4EverClassic105 will be streaming the event on our brand new Twitch channel. For a chance to win a $20 Steam Wallet code, follow our Twitch channel, Twitter AND join in on the gaming during our Community Night (winner […]