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My Crunchyroll Is No Longer Crunchy?!

Why am I desperately slapping away at my keyboard for this one? Because it effects me and my viewing of great shows such as Fruit of Grisaia and Another—I like really twisted anime. Similar to what present hackers left for many gamers this year, anime-centric service Crunchyroll is currently down due to a DDoS attack. […]


Dear Digital Extremes, Thank You

There are a lot of things people gripe about in gaming: day-one DLC, micro-transactions, digital verifications, etc. It is always easier to find someone shouting from the mountaintop about everything that’s wrong as opposed to anything that’s right. Well, after a long and arduous climb, I kindly asked that guy to sit down for a […]


Waris: The Poison Ivy Story Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is great for many reasons. It can give any writer a preexisting world in which to tell stories. Or it can allow a story to exist for that random character, whom you see pass by on screen for eight seconds in a film. Here we have a writer telling a story about Poison […]


The Interview or: How Hollywood Learned to Start Worrying and Fear the Bomb

Don’t mess with North Korea. That appears to be the sentiment the country wants you to believe. If you mess with the North Korean bull, you’re going to get the North Korean horns—or at least the “threat” of those horns. Case in point: the writers and producers of the upcoming film, The Interview, thought it […]

Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia Review

I have this idea that if I read/listen to intellectual people speaking on behalf of, well, anything, then I myself will become an intelligent person as well. In theory, this is a good thing to believe. In reality, it’s not always the case. Still, I have my intellectual heroes, who I strive to become in […]