Why Old-School Horror is the Scariest

Whenever I wander through the local Family Video, I think the shelves are walls of horror movies. Not classics like Bela Lugosi’s Dracula or the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, but schlock like Silent Night, Deadly Night or a horde of wannabe George Romero zombie movies. It seems like every idiot with a camera […]


The Evil Within: Mikami’s “Revival” of Survival Horror

Over the past few months, I’ve done a grand tour of the horror genre. Whether that’s seeking out Silent Hill 2 at my favorite game store or watching Markiplier plod through indie games, I’ve come to understand what makes horror games great and what can bring them down. All of these thoughts, themes, tropes, and […]


Manga Series: Phoenix Volume 1

Volume one, titled Dawn, of the twelve part Phoenix series takes place in the earliest time period of the series, early Japan. The story follows the main character, Nagi, in the aftermath of the slaughter of his tribe at the hands of a foreign invasion. Taken as a slave by Saruta, the commander of the […]


The Vicious Brothers are Back with EXTRATERRESTRIAL

I didn’t know what to expect when I first read the description of Extraterrestrial—I’m not a huge alien-horror-film fan because the thought of aliens scares the shit out of me.  Honestly, when I saw this was another The Vicious Brothers creation, that was enough to get me interested. Their first two movies Grave Encounters and Grave […]


Mewtwo is Coming to Super Smash Bros, NO JOKE

Fans have been waiting for this moment since Mewtwo was cut from Brawl. In fact, many believed Greninja was the psychic Pokémon making a return. Time and time again, Nintendo would tease something about Smash, with fans shouting for Mewtwo, only to get denied each time. The amount of memes and videos for Mewtwo is […]