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How to deal with a "close talker".


Hive Jump

Hive Jump Preview

I was given a chance to try out an early build of Graphite Lab’s Hive Jump. The following preview is based on what I have played so far and what I infer from their Kickstarter campaign. Some of the greatest Science Fiction films are Aliens and Starship Troopers. These movies are filled with rough and […]

75 years of Marvel

Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Cover Art Book is a Gift to Fans

It’s hard to believe Marvel Comics—originally called Timely Comics—is 75 years old now. To celebrate this diamond anniversary, DK has released Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art by Alan Cowsill. This massive coffee table book chronicles the history of the comic book company’s iconic covers from Marvel Comics #1 in October 1939 to the […]


Coldwater: An Interview with James C. Burns

Available now on select digital outlets is the new film Coldwater, a story about a troubled teenage boy who is sent to a camp for healing. The movie follows not only the teens struggling to survive, but also a retired war colonel,  Col. Frank Reichert  (James C. Burns), pushing these kids to their limits, searching […]


GIGA Sugar Challenge!

Sugar, Sugar. I got to level 19, I don’t see anyone beating that any time soon.  Boom. ~Jack~ Tutorial