Today marks the 75th anniversary of one of the greatest fictional heroes ever created: Batman. In honor of this day in history, the digital music service Rdio has teamed up with American record label, WaterTower Music to put together a playlist of epic proportions. The Batman Ultimate Playlist features songs from every song-baring media form […]


Cuphead: An Interview with the Developers

During Microsoft’s E3 Press Event, there was one game that stood out to me. Cuphead is being created with all the old cartoons of the 1930’s in mind, while the game mechanics hearken back to the classics of the SNES and Genesis. Recently, I reached out to Studio MDHR with a few questions: == When […]

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Alex’s Top 5 Obscure Games

5). Forgotten Worlds (Arcade, Multiple other consoles) Capcom and arcade machines go together like bread and butter. However, Forgotten Worlds is a game that’s rarely mentioned except amongst die hard shooter fans. It has everything that makes shooters great: power-ups, tons of enemies, and massive bosses. What makes this game stand out is its controls. […]

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The Transformers (and Michael Bay) grow up: A Review of ‘Age of Extinction’

Rarely do movie franchises make it to a fourth film. Even rarer are the fourth films that are actually good. Transformers: Age of Extinction—regardless of what critics may say—is one of those rarities. Five years after the Battle of Chicago, the Autobots are on the run from a distrustful government and a Decepticon bounty hunter. […]


Is There Any Hope for Capcom?

Before I outline where Capcom has made mistakes, let me say just how big of a fan I am of its games. Some of my favorite games of all time were made by Capcom: Resident Evil 4, Megaman X, and Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse. Seeing the Capcom label makes me happy, and it is […]