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Who Should Buy Capcom’s Games

The recent news that Capcom is “for sale” after losing its buy protection has left gamers stunned. This is a company with a 30-year history in the gaming world going all the way back to the NES. Their library of games rivals Nintendo and Sega in size, popularity, and notoriety. Now, much like Rareware in […]


Sigh . . . E3 2014

You may have noticed the  lack of E3 fan fair (unlike most geeky sites) on Giga. I must admit, it’s my fault. After covering E3 (from the comfort of my home) for the past two years, I have grown a bit numb and have lost much interest in the great spectacle that is the Electronic […]

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The Console Wars: E3 2014

Everyone is probably wondering who “won” E3. Microsoft brought game after game with impressive demos and trailers. Sony boasted that their camera was optional and showed some really impressive titles, even showing how fun and unscripted a demo can be. Nintendo brought to life the dreams of children with games made of yarn and clay, […]


Alex’s Take: Nintendo E3 2014

 With so many safe games being released by Nintendo recently and their company teetering on the Wii U with the 3DS barely keeping them afloat, there must have been a lot of pressure for Nintendo. This was the event I looked forward to the most. I’ve always enjoyed their characters and most of their games, […]

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What if The X-Men Had Day Jobs?

In this economy, even superheroes need day jobs to pay the bills. The job search website Snagajob recently created a humorous infographic listing the skills of popular X-Men characters, then recommend day jobs for the mutant superheroes.  “What if mutants existed in real life? How could they use their skills to make a living? We […]