Closing Moment For Every Best Picture Oscar Winner

Making a movie feel, look, and sound really good usually requires a great closing shot: a lingering image that either haunts the mind or carries the momentum for hundreds of discussion hours to come. If the movie itself is truly great, generally the final moment is simply unforgettable. The folks at The Final Image, a […]


Today IS a Good Day to Drink!

The world is a little bit of a better place this week. It’s a week where Starfleet fanboys finally get to party like it’s 2299. The consumer products arm of CBS Network where—Captain Kirk first strut his spatial stuff—announced this week an endeavor with the Federation of Beer to offer a new refreshment from Indiana’s […]


An X-Cellent New Trailer for Days of Future Past

Maybe it’s Superhero fatigue, but it seems to me that Days of Future Past should have been a much MUCH bigger cinematic event than what it currently feels like. So what’s the deal? You have the original X director, the gent who helped comic book movies be taken seriously (for a while at least, because […]


Indie Alert: Tulpa

They say never judge a book—in this case game—by its cover. Well, I did exactly that when I first looked at Tulpa. The graphics immediately caught my attention and I assumed this was going to be an interesting game. I’m not a huge fan of platformers (I know, I know, blasphemy right?), but the concept behind […]


Keep Track of Your Belongings with XY

How much time each week do you spend looking for your keys? How about your cat, your work badge, or even your wallet? XY is here to help. This nifty app offers small Bluetooth LE powered chips that can be attached to a host of items (keys, animal collars, and even kids’ bracelets), which synchronize to […]