Holiday Shopping: Beat the GameStop System

For all the last minute shoppers, here are some quick tips on how to beat the Gamstop System: “That’s all I get back for my game?” “Is that really the best you can do?” “This used game is almost as expensive as a new one!” These are just a few of the many questions I […]


Indie Game Alert: Keipr Online

I am officially addicted to learning about new and upcoming indie games. They always have pieces of what makes video games great, then builds on them with new and great ideas. When I was introduced to Keipr (pronounced kai.per) Online, I was excited to see what new concepts this game would introduce. My first thought […]


The VGX Awards Show was a Fail, Again

After watching the revamped VGX awards show and witnessing every tweet rip the show apart, I can’t help but wonder why Spike can’t get it right. This attempt to make the show and video games just as relevant as movies and music is unnecessary. If Spike does decide to take another shot at the awards […]


Indie Game Alert: A Clumsy Adventure

Take a little running, add some well timed jumps with a dash of simple physics, and you have Excamedia’s A Clumsy Adventure. Planned as a PS Vita title, Excamedia looks to bring back some classic gaming difficulty on the go. There is definitely no attempt to reinvent the wheel here, but the simplicity is endearing. […]

super cool kids

Indie Game Alert: Super Cool Kids: Dungeon Dash

Survive as long as you can. Escape is just out of reach. Rescue all the cute kittens. These are your only instructions. Who is this character? How did he get stuck in a dungeon? Why did he go into a dungeon? None of these questions will be answered and they won’t matter when the lava and […]