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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

healing polymer

Self healing polymer can heal itself in two hours

What if you got some injury, like if you got cut from blades or any instruments on your body? Yes definitely we use some medicines for healing our wounds. Not only this if our injury is minor than we never use any kinds of drugs instead it will get heal itself after few days. Healing […]

Week 3 Recap: Jaguars @ Seahawks – Seattle is flying high

Here is what I find interesting about the Jaguars………… there helmets.  I didn’t say I like ’em, I just think their helmets are interesting. Its down hill from there. Jacksonville is at the bottom of the food chain in both scoring and yards in the whole league. The clubs 45-17 lost now makes the team […]

Week 3 Recap: Colts @ 49ers – The NFC champions are in the spot light

The 49ers 1st 3 games were on national television to start off the season. They won their season opener but was held to single digit points against Seattle last week. It was the same story when Andrew Luck returned to northern California beating the 49ers 27-7. The Colts running game should be really interesting with […]