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Cars & Bikes: Cyber Cycles

You all know how I am about wheels (if you don’t, now you do) and me being a big fan of the sci-fi genre makes me want to know what the future looks like for our favorite status symbol of the iconic “rebel”. My search led me on an arduous  journey across uncharted territories and […]


GIGA Approved: Touch of Modern

Hello all! I was swept in the current of warm energy after spending the past sixty minutes looking at some of the most beautiful and creative designs I have ever seen showcased on TouchOfModern.  These images may be intended to highlight innovative designs which ultimately compliment the natural environments where and when the images were […]


Asap Science: What came first the chicken or the egg?


GIGA: Music – Chevelle

Chevelle This article is about the American rock trio. For the automobile produced by Chevrolet, see Chevrolet Chevelle. For the Australian power pop band, see The Chevelles. Chevelle Chevelle in 2007. From left to right: Sam Loeffler and Pete Loeffler. Origin Grayslake, Illinois, U.S. Genres Alternative metal[1][2][3][4] Years active 1995–present Labels Squint, Epic Associated acts […]