Tainos Hidden Treasures – Marietta GA.

http://tainoshiddentreasures.weebly.com/ Welcome to Tainos Hidden Treasures ————————————– Since ancient times stones,gems and metals were believed to possess healing and mystical properties.These gems and metals, through their vibrational attributes, provided the wearer with physical, mental, and spiritual support. Today scholars have studied these properties in depth and have conclusively shown, through research and testing, that various […]


“Real Men Cook” – Atlanta A National Father’s Day Event

Real Men Cook registration for our event “Real Men Cook” For Charity on Sunday, June 16 at the Georgia World Congress Center from 3-6 p.m. in the Georgia Ballroom, Building C. We have more than 3,000 in attendance and 100 cooks (every day dads, clergy, baseball coaches, boy scout leaders), chefs, caterers, restaurants and celebrity […]


Felipe’s – OTAKU REVIEW – “A Certain Magical Railgun”

Set in a city of scientifically advanced students, but in a world where abnormalities and magic is also real. From the creator of “A Certain Magical Index” and “A Certain Scientific Railgun” comes a new anime called “A Certain Scientific Railgun S”. Synopsis: This anime is a second season of “A Certain Magical Railgun”. It […]