15 Things You Should Know About the Government Shutdown



  1. The government shut down was a result of Congress not passing the spending bills necessary to fund the government.  Some shut downs include Smithsonian museums, loan agencies, NIH clinical trials, and national security personal.  The military, Congress, and the President still get paid.
  2. I don’t know why but the government’s fiscal year is October 1st to September 30th so the funding stops in the middle of the year.
  3. The hold up involves House Republicans and Senate Democrats.  Republicans want provisions in the new spending bill to give less money to Obamacare, while the Democrats want just the opposite.
  4. Obamacare is indirectly related to the funding, but the Republicans are using it as leverage against the new spending bill.  The Republicans think that the health care law is detrimental enough that they are trying to disrupt government funding.
  5. Objections to Obamacare include hurting employers and increasing unemployment.
  6. Democrats defend Obamacare by saying that the law will bring universal health care, decrease overall cost of coverage, and keep insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.
  7. The spending bill was amended over the weekend with two items: the delay of Obamacare for one year and the repeal of the medical device tax
  8. On Monday the Senate rejected the amendments from the House.  Then the House approved another spending plan that removed the Obamacare individual mandate.  After the Senate rejected that proposal, shutdown was imminent.
  9. House members had reaffirmed the anti-Obamacare and requested a conference to work out the differences on Monday night.
  10. The last shutdown occured in 1995 and lasted 21 days.
  11. More than 800,000 government employees will be furloughed.
  12. The impact on the economy might not be severe in the short run, but over a three to four week shutdown it would cost the economy around $55 billion.
  13. This will affect our daily lives in different ways.  The military will continue to fight and social security checks will still be paid.  But if you want a federal loan, gun permit, or passport it ain’t going to happen anytime soon.
  14. There is also another pressing issue, the debt ceiling.  Imagine what happens when we max out our credit cards.  Right now we are on the verge of maxing out our debt ceiling of $16.699 trillion.  The president has to ask Congress to raise the credit limit, but this issue won’t arise until October 17.
  15. Congress doesn’t agree on much, but they did agree to keep on paying troops. Now all they need to do is  what we elect them to do, run our government.